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Logitech to "maximize profitability" with PC gaming peripherals after posting $180m loss

"Continued weakness in the global PC market was the primary factor in our disappointing results," said Logitech's CEO, Bracken P. Darrell, after the company announced an operating loss of $180m for the third quarter of their 2013 fiscal year. Based on this, the company wants to place greater focus on manufacturing tablets and smartphones and added that their goal PC-related "is to maximize profitability." Some products will be discontinued.

Logitech, who are headquartered in Switzerland, have been manufacturing computer peripherals for over thirty years and make an awful lot of products that slot into your PC, from mice to webcams to very big and very complicated joysticks.

Darrell said Logitech's future strategy would "reduce costs significantly across the company" and would be characterised by an "unwavering focus on developing great products both for large and for fast-growing markets," such as mobile devices.

"We plan to expand our presence in the growing tablet accessories category with the launch of a number of exciting new products later this quarter," his statement continued. "Our goal with PC-platform products is to maximize profitability, while investing selectively in growing categories... We plan to discontinue non-strategic products, such as speaker docks and console gaming peripherals, by the end of Calendar Year 2013."

Thanks to Polygon.

Please note: this article has been corrected after an earlier version stated that Logitech's plans to expand in the mobile market also meant they would shift their focus away from PC peripherals. This is not the case.

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lscorza@logitech.com avatarwazups avatarVinsanityV22 avatar
lscorza@logitech.com Avatar
5 Years ago

Hi my name is Laura Scorza and I work at Logitech. I am afraid that your headline is wrong. Not only we are remaining in the PC gaming business but it is even more of a priority for us now. Expect to see great products hitting the market this year.

wazups Avatar
5 Years ago

@[email protected]

Glad to hear! I love Logitech's PC gaming peripherals.

VinsanityV22 Avatar
5 Years ago

It's funny that, as stuff like Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight come out, and give power to indie developers who take advantage of the open platform... not to mention the freedom developers and publishers have with digital distribution... that the PC is thriving more now than ever before. Yet Logitech still blames weakness in the PC market. *sigh*

C'mon guys. Just admit it; people are just using their Xbox 360 controllers nowadays. Maybe even their Dual Shock 3's (as long as you have a good mapper program).

At any rate, I like logitech. I'm wearing a headset of theirs right now. Best 8 bucks I ever spent on some headphones. I hope they turn things around and stop focusing on so many niche game controllers that no one really needs.