Logitech’s wireless gaming mouse has a 500+ hour battery life and 37% discount

Take a sizeable chunk off the Logitech G603's price tag

A product photo of Logitech's G603 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse with a white background

Battery life is one of the most important factors when choosing the best wireless gaming mouse, but it's not a problem for Logitech's G603 Lightspeed. The rodent lasts a whopping 500 hours, which means it'd take you over three months to run out of juice if you play games for at least five hours every day, and it's currently much cheaper.

Over on Amazon US the G603 gets a 29% ($20) discount, with a lower $49.99 price tag compared to its $69.99 MSRP. There's a whopping 37% (£26.02) off the UK listing, too, costing you just £43.97.

It's RGB-free design contributes to the impressive battery life, making it the perfect option for someone who doesn't want to scream out the gamer aesthetic. It's still a gaming mouse at heart, though, with Logitech's own 12,000DPI Hero optical sensor, and uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection for latency that rivals a wired device. If you're not gaming, you can even switch to a low-power mode that extends the battery life to an impressive 18 months.

There’s also super-slippery PTFE feet, letting it glide effortlessly across the best mouse pad for gaming. It weighs in at 135.7g with the two AA batteries inserted, but if you want a lighter device, you can run it on a single battery for a lower 112.3g weight.

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