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Logitech G enlists Herman Miller to create the “world’s most advanced gaming chair”

Probably won't look like it's been torn out of a Subaru Impreza

Aeron Chair

Logitech has partnered up with Herman Miller to build “the world’s most advanced gaming chair.” Their own words. Working with the prestigious designer, Logitech G is hoping to create the be-all and end-all of gaming chairs, a throne fit for casual gamers, streamers, and esports athletes alike – and I, for one, am rather excited about the prospect.

There’s an overwhelming aesthetic to today’s gaming chairs. While some buck the trend, most stick with the prevailing style: racing. As to the actual ergonomics of a race car seat, I’ll leave that to the experts. Herman Miller certainly seems to think the predominant chair designs “focus primarily on aesthetics, rather than research-proven ergonomic design, and can cause more harm than good.”

Neither company has provided any hint as to the eventual product to come from their partnership, but if the previous ventures of Herman Miller are anything to go on (such as the Aeron chair above), the Logitech G x Herman Miller chair won’t share many similarities with today’s gaming fare – nor will it be a budget model. Sadly that means a pink kitty chair with angel wings may be out of the question. Both companies will be seeking feedback from familiar esports teams, such as Complexity Gaming, TSM, and NaVi in order to build the chair to the best spec.

“Logitech G is committed to creating the best gear for gamers. We make that possible through a unique collaboration process between our design and engineering teams, partners and our customers to translate needs and capabilities into products that gamers love,” Peter Kingsley, chief marketing officer at Logitech G, says. “Herman Miller was the obvious choice for us to partner with given their more than 100 years of expertise. Together we will deliver amazing products with advanced ergonomics, comfort and performance that gamers deserve.”

The first product to come out of the partnership will be a gaming chair, hinting at further products down the line. This initial chair will launch spring 2020 – so there’s not long to wait.

With most of us spending a large part of our day sat down, choosing the right chair is of the utmost importance. Always ensure you’re taking proper precautions to stay in good health. Whether you’ll be smitten with Logitech G’s maiden product when the time comes, or settle for something else, just make sure you’re buying it for the right reasons: ergonomics first, looks later.

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