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Save $50 on this Logitech League of Legends gaming keyboard

The Logitech Pro LoL edition is currently on sale for just $80, and represents a fantastic saving, even over its unbranded alternative.

Logitech League of Legends Pro Keyboard

If you require a new keyboard and just happen to be passionate about League of Legends, then have I got the gaming keyboard deal for you? Logitech’s Pro Keyboard with the LoL wrap is available for just $80 on Amazon right now, down from $129.99. It’s no longer available from Logitech, so if you missed it before, now may be your final chance.

Logitech is no stranger to branded products, and the company released a whole line of League of Legends peripherals that are no longer available brand new. This just makes Amazon’s deal all the sweeter, as you not only save $49.99 over the MSRP, but you also get a rare opportunity to buy it brand new.

The Logitech Pro has aged well, and while it may not be one of the best gaming keyboards anymore, it’s still a fantastic peripheral if you can find it on sale. It’s still great for gaming, and this model’s League of Legends branding is a surefire conversation starter.

Visually, there is no mistaking that this board is League of Legends themed, and not just because the name of the game is emblazoned across the top. It adopts the iconic blue tone across the entire keyboard, with golden accents around the arrow keys and edges of the board. It’s simple but effective.

Meanwhile, the keyboard’s TKL design and compact base, with full-size switches and keycaps, results in a unique look that sits somewhere between a standard keyboard and a low-profile design.

The Logitech Pro uses GX tactile switches, which feature distinct haptic feedback upon actuation and a satisfying audio cue to go along with it. This keyboard shows its age with a micro-USB connection, but a three-pronged cable ensures that the wire is stable and secure when it’s plugged in.

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