Logitech Spotlight: 16.8 million reasons you need a G810 Orion Spectrum

Logitech G810

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You see your keyboard? The one that’s in need of a clean, and with a good few years’ worth of dust, crumbs and who know what else accumulated under the keys? Yeah, that one. Maybe it’s time to replace it with something that looks a whole lot nicer and that can actually improve your gaming performance.

What we have in mind is Logitech’s G810 Orion Spectrum gaming keyboard. You only need to plug it in to see the difference. It comes with intelligent RGB backlighting that’ll instantly make it the focal point of your gaming rig. With Logitech Gaming Software you can be in full control over the surface-mounted LEDs found on every key, with over 16.8 million colors to choose from.

Logitech Gaming Software comes with more than 300 built-in profiles for top games, from modern chart-toppers to classic titles, and it’ll help you out right away by lighting up only the keys you’ll need for the game you’re playing. No more hitting the wrong button in the heat of the moment. You’ll be able to see exactly what key you want.

And beyond the helpful key illumination, some games go even further and use the G810’s RGB lighting to add to the immersive experience. Battlefield 1, for example, pulses the keyboard in different colors to alert you to important in-game information.

The G810’s backlighting is bright and focused thanks to its Swiss-designed lenses and keycaps built to prevent light leakage. There’s more to the G810 Orion Spectrum than its impressive backlighting, though.

When it comes to gaming, the best thing about the G810 is that it can actually help you play better with its best-in-class mechanical switches. While most mechanical keyboards use standard Cherry MX switches, the G810 uses Logitech’s own Romer-G switches, which have been designed and built with the demands of gaming in mind.

Romer-G switches feature an actuation point 25 percent shorter than standard mechanical switches, which means that every keypress is registered 25 percent faster, gaining you at least a millisecond every time you hit a key. It might not sound like a lot, but when it comes high-end competitive gaming, those milliseconds can really matter and make the difference between victory and defeat.

Tested to 70 million key presses, Romer-G switches are built to last, and also to help you last longer in-game. As well as their shorter travel, they also boast a low-force actuation of just 45g, which not only adds to their near-instant responsiveness, but also means you expend less energy pressing keys. It all adds up and means that you’ll be less prone to gaming fatigue over long sessions.

Also adding to the comfort factor is the G810’s three-step angle adjustment, allowing you to set the keyboard to 0, 4 or 8 degrees so you can get it to exactly the angle that’s best for you, and its rubber feet that ensure the keyboard stays in one place, no matter how frantic the action gets.

With easy-access media controls you’ll never need to drop out of the game to manage your soundtrack. Simply pause, skip or mute tracks at the touch of a button, or adjust the volume with the roller. And finishing off the entire package are all those extra little details such as a matte surface texture that eliminates fingerprints, and a braided cable that won’t get tangled up with all your other wires, no matter how much you provoke it.

The Logitech G810 is available now, and the great news is that you won’t have to pay through the nose for all its incredible pro gaming features. You can order it today for just £111.99/$159.99, with shipping included; ditch the old keyboard and buy one now, before your opponents do.

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