Logitech Spotlight: the keyboard with an unfair advantage in gaming

Logitech Battlefield 1

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In gaming, reaction times are key. So if your keyboard can help you with super fast switches, by signalling what’s happening and highlighting which keys to press, then the benefits can be huge. Cheating? Absolutely not. But compared to gaming on a standard keyboard it could be described as an unfair advantage—one that ultimately makes you more competitive and the gaming more fun. After all, power is nothing without control. 

The G213 Prodigy keyboard has brilliant 16.8M RGB lighting and in conjunction with it’s advanced Logitech Gaming Software (LGS), can be programmed to let your keyboard provide rich visual information and a shortcut to complex key commands. It also means that, should you run up to an interactive object, the keyboard can light up to provide you with gameplay information.

Logitech G213 Prodigy keyboard

For example, what if you’re taking damage? The whole keyboard can flash red and even provide an indicator on which direction the damage is coming from. Keys can also pulse or glow to display other vital information, such as problems with heat, cold, starvation or injury. And if you’re thrashing around in a driving sim like Assetto Corsa, a flashing shift light linked to engine revs to give you the perfect gear change every time.

The mouse (in either wired or wireless version) can easily be synchronized with the keyboard to further stretch the display, meaning you rarely need to take your eyes off the action: you can see what the lights are telling you from the corners of your eyes. Sensibly, both devices use the same Logitech Gaming Software, which uses simple visual representations to let you mark keys by color, pulse or dim the lighting, cycle tones and far more. If you’re after deep customization, there’s a developer SDK that lets you go to extreme control.

For many of the top games, the hard work’s already been done. Titles such as The Division, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Assetto Corsa already have profiles, as do entries in big franchises including Battlefield, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, World of Warcraft and Fallout. Give your games a quick scan and the software sets up any recognized titles automatically… wait, maybe that bit sounds a bit like cheating

For more information on the Prodigy series, visit gaming.logitech.com.

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