Logitech Spotlight: seven reasons the G213 keyboard is next-level

Logitech G213 Prodigy keyboard

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There are two ways to make your games feel better, more modern and more fun. The first is to remove any slack in the chain between yourself and your in-game worlds. The second is to take advantage of the latest technologies and hardware available. Turns out you can do both, and your keyboard is the place to start.

Regular keyboards are built to do everyday computing tasks reasonably well – and if you’re selling a whole computer system, the lowest bidder wins. Meanwhile something like Logitech’s Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard is (as the name suggests) designed and built specifically to the exacting needs and specifications of gamers. That means its hardware, software and ergonomics are more than up to the task to help you get the maximum performance and fun in today’s modern games.

That RGB lighting does more than improve nighttime gaming sessions and look pretty, for instance (though with 16.8m colors, complex customization and the ability to synch with other illuminated Logitech devices, it arguably does look very pretty indeed). RGB lighting – either zonal or individual keys – can be linked to in-game events, turning the whole keyboard into anything from a health indicator to a shift light to an attack cool-down timer. Unnecessary keys can be darkened, while lit controls can change to reflect context-sensitive commands. It instantly cuts time wasted fumbling for useless keys, and puts you back in control.

What else does the G213 Prodigy keyboard do? Let us count the ways.

Logitech G213 Prodigy keyboard

1. It is lightning fast

The keys are full-height with a sharp 4mm travel and 50g actuation pressure, and once triggered they respond in just two milliseconds – up to four times faster than regular keyboards. During those critical moments, that counts.

2. It responds to all your commands

Guess what? Normal keyboards can handle limited selections of multiple keys – such as Shift and something else – but nothing more. So good luck if you’re trying to circle-strafe and change weapons, for instance. Your keyboard may well just ignore half your inputs. The Prodigy keyboard features an anti-ghosting matrix that ensures all gaming key presses are registered and acted upon.

3. It is built tough

Proper sealing around the keys stops light leaks, making the Prodigy’s luminosity a best-in-class solution. It also makes it splash proof for when you (finally…) knock over that drink, while an integrated wrist rest and adjustable feet bring the kind of superior ergonomics that mean you’re never having to club away clumsily at the thing anyway.

4. It has dedicated media controls

Just because it’s built for gaming doesn’t mean it’s not great for regular use or even – excuse the four-letter outburst – work. Hardware media controls (also well-lit, of course) and an action that simulates the best elements of mechanical keyboards make it as much a pleasure for typing as, say, headshotting zombies.

Logitech Battlefield 1

5. It sets itself up for top games

The Prodigy keyboard comes with interactive lighting profiles for more than 300 top games. A quick scan with Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) detects compatible games and sorts everything out, and with the likes of The Division, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Assetto Corsa already included – plus franchise monsters including Battlefield, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, World of Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect – chances are it’s going to save you time.

6. It’s totally customizable

Keys can be marked for color, brightness and a whole lot more via LGS, which provides powerful customization in a simple, visual way. It can sync completely with the illuminated G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse, too. If you’re after truly in-depth adjustment, there’s also a freely-available developer SDK.

7. It’s built on high-end tech

Nevertheless the Prodigy keyboard, like the rest of the range, is priced for and aimed at enthusiasts. Most of us don’t want (or need) the complexity that pro-level peripherals offer, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want the performance.

So there we go—that’s how many ways the Prodigy keyboard will boost your gaming life. For more, and more information on the complete range, visit gaming.logitech.com.