“I’ll have what Corsair’s having” – Logitech buys Streamlabs for $83m

Logitech has agreed to acquire streaming software company Streamlabs for $89 million in cash

Logitech buys Streamlabs

Logitech has agreed to acquire Streamlabs for $89 million in cash, with an extra $29 million in shares reserved for good behaviour. The streaming software company has risen to the forefront of streaming tech in recent years, largely thanks to the software suite it built upon the open-source OBS software, and the sale will see Logitech gain significant traction in the burgeoning business.

The streaming market is become a hotbed for well-known peripheral companies jostling for position as of late. Logitech will be looking to cement its place in the market with the acquisition of Streamlabs, which will join its ranks alongside other acquisitions such as Astro Gaming, Blue Microphones, Ultimate Ears, and Jaybird. Surely Logitech is eyeing up a little of the market that Corsair, along with its subsidiary Elgato, has been happily guzzling for over a year.

Today’s Streamlabs acquisition appears to be a similar tale to all others under Logitech, with the Streamlabs brand remaining intact under the Swiss company’s corporate umbrella. We may see greater integration of Streamlabs and the Logitech G software going forward as a result of the sale, however.

“Streamlabs and Logitech both share a strong passion for gaming and a dedication to serving the global community of gamers and streamers,” Ali Moiz, CEO of Streamlabs, says. “Joining with Logitech allows us to keep doing what we love and be bolder than ever on a much bigger stage.”

Logitech’s latest purchase will see it net a significant software maker, marking a departure from the company’s historical hardware focus. Streamlabs specialises in streaming tools used across Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook – many of which are free to use.