Logitech’s 200W PC speakers are on sale for less than $100

This THX-certified stereo setup is perfect for gaming, movies, and music

Although often an overlooked part of your PC setup, given that choosing the best gaming headset is usually more of a priority, a solid set of speakers is something you might want to consider for the times you fancy gaming without the discomfort of a pair of cans wrapped around your head. Whether you want to immerse yourself in action games, fill your room with your favourite tunes, or want to kick back with a movie, Logitech has some THX-certified speakers that can currently be nabbed at a discount.

But why, exactly, would you go for standalone speakers when your monitor has inbuilt audio, we hear some of you ask? Simply put, your screen's tiny speakers just don't cut it for decent audio quality, which can impact your gaming experience. And unlike your inbuilt speakers, the Logitech Z623 2.1 speaker system comes with a subwoofer.

Currently, you can get the Z623 at a 33% ($50) discount on Amazon US for $99 and 25% (£35) cheaper on Amazon UK at £118.21. If you need optical connections, however, then the Z625 will be more your speed with a 24% ($40) reduction at $129.99 in the US and full price in the UK.

We’ve got a set of these Z623s over at PCGamesN, and the bass can be turned up to room shaking levels – thankfully the bass dial for the subwoofer built into the speakers ensures you don’t announce to your whole street that you’re playing a Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War match.

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The 2.1 stereo system consists of two 35W satellite speakers, and a hefty 130W subwoofer, with built in controls for volume and bass, and a pass-through 3.5mm port to plug in your gaming headset. For this price don’t expect true audiophile-grade quality, but those 200 watts give more volume than you’ll ever need – they get plenty loud enough without any distortion, and it’s still in another league compared to built-in speakers.