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League of Legends player creates GeoGuessr for LoL and it’s amazing

One League of Legends player has created a Summoner's Rift version of GeoGuessr, and it will put your LoL knowledge to the test.

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League of Legends is not just one of the most popular games on Earth; it’s also one of the longest-running. The game was originally launched in October 2009. Since then, it has only grown in popularity and roster size, turning Riot Games into a billion-dollar company and birthing the modern MOBA genre. Now, one fan of the game has invented a new way to test players’ knowledge of the game’s map, Summoner’s Rift.

League of Legends has fostered an absolutely enormous following of dedicated players, some of who have dedicated countless hours to playing its main competitive game mode solo queue. The MOBA game has kept players around for so long that many probably believe they know each part of Summoner’s Rift, both inside and out.

One LoL player shared their recent creation that tests players’ knowledge of the game. Reddit user swompythesecond shared their new game on r/LoL. In the post, they said they “had the idea for GeoGuessr, but in LoL, so I just made it,” along with a video that showed off exactly how the game works. Swompythesecond admits the game isn’t exactly a new idea, as it’s just the popular location guesser game GeoGuessr, but uses the Summoner’s Rift map instead of the map of, well, the Earth.

I had the idea for GeoGuessr but in LoL, so I just made it
byu/swompythesecond inleagueoflegends

After putting some time into the game, I ended up getting more than a few guesses wrong. And this is coming from someone who has played an embarrassingly high amount of League of Legends. The images shown only show a small bit of the map, and players have to click on the left-hand side where they believe the image is showing.

The game can be found right here. Sharing it amongst your LoL buddies might finally prove which of you is the most knowledgeable about the game. Swompythesecond’s post blew up on the r/LoL subreddit, notching upwards of 6.5k upvotes in less than a week. Clearly, many fans are putting their knowledge to paper.

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