The Lord of the Rings Online’s Mordor expansion has been delayed


Mordor, the latest expansion to The Lord of the Rings Online, has been delayed. The sixth expansion to the popular MMO was due to release today, but according to a forum post by the developers, an issue with the expansion has required its release date to be pushed back slightly.

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Severlin, the game’s executive producer, posted early last night, announcing that an issue with the expansion’s latest build “impacted the ability of monsters and NPCs to move around correctly.” According to Severlin, the problem specifically affected older game content.

The post goes on to say that while correcting the issue is not a problem in itself, “the process to correct it takes too long to be able to release Mordor on Monday.” As a result, the release is being held until further notice, but Severlin claims that “we will know a lot more in the next 24 hours or so,” and says that information will be passed along as soon as possible.