Lord of the Rings: Riders of Rohan to release on September 5th, releases horsey themed trailer


Ever get frustrated that when you’re on the back of your mighty steed in your favourite MMO, you can’t turn round and lance the face off some paltry goblin? Well, say goodbye to those frustrations (in very specific circumstances). In the Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan expansion, you’ll be able to mount your horse and knock seven bells out of other horse and/or Warg riding enemies. How long do you have to wait for such goblin polo style fun? Only until September 5th. Read on for more details

Rohan isn’t just about horses, oh no. It includes new landscapes (the plains of Eastern Rohan), new quests (In Lord of the Rings Onlineyou follow the Epic Story slightly behind Frodo and Ned Stark), and a new level cap: 85.

The expansion pack will cost between $40 and 70$depending on which version you buy: for the extra cash you’ll get an XP boost up to level 75.

Here’s a trailer. Ooh! Scary!

I bloody love horses.

via www.lotro.com