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Lords of the Fallen developer says that its inspirations are a lot more diverse than just Dark Souls

Lords of the Fallen not a Dark Souls rip off

I don’t know much about Lords of the Fallen beyond the fact that you can’t mention it without someone saying it’s basically Dark Souls. It isn’t out and doesn’t have a release date, but folk certainly seem confident about making the comparison.

Executive Producer Tomasz Gop has been having a hard time dealing with the comparisons, though he’s trying to look on the bright side of things. There are certainly worse comparisons. 

“It’s a tough start for a developer to be associated that strongly with something, even if it is something that’s a great inspiration,” Gop told Digital Spy. “But at the same time, just one day I said, ‘Hey man, you have to let go. Whatever people think, just make sure it’s not going to be a ripoff, it’s not going to be a bad inspiration,’ and I sleep way better since then.”

Gop said that Lords of the Fallen does draw from the Souls series, but it’s not the only inspiration, and the game does a lot of things differently. He likens it to fighting games.

“There are fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter, there are elements of Souls games and so on, and we definitely try to nail the elements that bumped the feeling of the game being punishing for a lot of players, especially for people who don’t treat games like 600-page books, where they have to bite nails into it,” said Gop.

Are you lovely lot convinced?

Cheers, Digital Spy.