Lords of the Fallen will haunt PCs on Halloween

Lords of the Fallen release date

Halloween, a time for getting sugary treats, carving fruit and drinking so much that dressing up as a sexy ghost no longer seems ridiculous. It’s also a time for demon-slaying and wielding big weapons, because that’s when Lords of the Fallen is coming out. 

On October 31st, City Interactive’s action RPG will launch and put players in the shoes of a condemned ne’er-do-well as he hacks monsters with nasty looking weapons and blows them to smithereens with magic. 

Lords of the Fallen’s inspirations are many and diverse, from fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Tekken to challenging action RPGs like Dark Souls. However, the Dark Souls comparisons became much of the focus for a while, leaving Senior Producer and ex-CD Projekt Red chap Tomasz Gop a bit stressed.

“It’s a tough start for a developer to be associated that strongly with something, even if it is something that’s a great inspiration,” he said a couple of months ago.

It’s definitely got a bit of Dark Souls in it, with the meaty enemies and focus on combat and precision, but the flow of fights (and oversized armour) is more reminiscent of the Darksiders series. Those are two things that I would rather like to see combined.

Do you think you’ll be cancelling your guising and partying to play this instead on Halloween?