Lords of the Fallen: Complete Edition release date set for October 27, in North America


That game that was a bit like Dark Souls is getting a ‘Complete Edition’, which comes packaged with the various bits of DLC that came out post release. It will be available in North America from October 27 for $29.99.

If you want to know what sort of game it is, have a read of our Lords of the Fallen preview.

As well as the actual game, this edition comes bundled with the Demonic Weapon Pack, Lion Heart Pack, Monk Decipher, The Foundation Boost, and The Arcane Boost.

It will also feature the Ancient Labyrinth campaign, which takes players to a new area containing a maze full of terrible beasts and hidden treasures.

Lords of the Fallen must have done alright, because it’s getting a sequel some time in 2017.