Lords of the Fallen is out tomorrow in surprise ambush release for Europe

Lords of the Fallen

Hang onto your chainmail breeches warrior, because Lords of the Fallen is out a couple days early here in Europe. In fact, it’s out in only 18 hours from now according the the Steam store page. Originally due out on October 31st, the EU launch has been brought in-line with the North American release.

Huzzah for launch date equality!

This means it’ll be your last chance to pre-purchase the game, if that’s your thing, where you can earn some DLC, in-game weapons and soundtrack.

According to our Jules, it’s a “ferocious and infuriating Dark Souls clone” – you’ll need to read his graphic preview to find out exactly what that means. It certainly makes being “cut in half” repeatedly sound very entertaining.

Will you be playing Lords of the Fallen tomorrow?