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This Lost Ark cursor bug can break the new legion raid

Have you ever tried to kill a Lost Ark raid boss and got a health potion stuck to your mouse pointer? The Lost Ark cursor bug can be game-breaking

The Valtan raid can be much more difficult with this Lost Ark cursor bug

Players report that a frustrating new Lost Ark cursor bug is affecting the MMO game and can be game-breaking, particularly when undertaking the new legion raid that got added to the fantasy game as part of the May update.

As reported by aggravated players this week on the Lost Ark bug forums and on Reddit, this new bug – which doesn’t seem to have been present previously, so most likely arrived in the recent May update – basically causes items such as health potions to get stuck to the mouse pointer. This isn’t just a cosmetic problem, unfortunately, as it stops playing from clicking on anything too.

Players suggest the primary bug fix for this problem is either to reload or move to a new area, such as by teleporting – unfortunately, this doesn’t help anyone taking on the Valtan boss in the May update’s big new Lost Ark legion raid. If the bug hits, players are stuck in the battle with no way to escape or help fight Valtan. This is the way friendships are lost.

Lost Ark just returned from an abrupt bout of maintenance with some compensation for players, but there’s no word yet if this bug was one of the reasons for the game going offline – or whether it’s fixed yet. Until it’s confirmed, best to stay off the new raid for now.

GAME BREAKING VALTAN BUG ruined the whole raid by not being able to click !!! from lostarkgame

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