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Lost Ark Founder’s Packs - what are they and which one should you get?

Take an in-depth look at all of the content you get within each of the Lost Ark Founder's Pack.

In 2019, Lost Ark was released in South Korea and since then, gamers in the west have eagerly waited for it to arrive in other regions. Well, now the wait is almost over, because this exciting new MMO will be available in the US from this week and anyone looking to pre-order the game for early access will find that there are several different Founder’s Packs available. (Note that the Founder’s Packs have not been available since the game’s launch on February 11, but you can now buy Lost Ark Starter Packs instead.)

So what are Founder’s Packs? Well, essentially, they’re bonus packages that give you different things for your new game. They’re tiered from bronze to platinum, with each pack adding progressively more features to start your game off strong, along with some nifty exclusives.

Having all these different Lost Ark pre-order packs to choose from might be a daunting task for some, so we’ve broken down each one clearly so that you know exactly what you’re going to get from them. We hope it helps you to find the right pack for you.

Here’s what each founder’s pack contains:

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Lost Ark Bronze Founder’s Pack

This is the cheapest of the pre-order packs, and it’s available for $14.99. You’ll still get the game and a ton of bonuses, so if you’re shopping on a budget, this one might be for you. It contains:

  • Head Start: players with Head Star will be able to access the game tomorrow (three days ahead of the official launch on February 11), with pre-loads starting today.
  • Founder’s Exclusive Pet: a cute furry companion for your player character which will not be available to those who purchase the game after its launch.
  • 30 Day Crystalline Aura: the Crystalline Aura gives your character several stat boosts, which will help make the game a lot easier for you at first. These include bonuses like increased recovery time and reduced prices for in-game shops.
  • Founder’s Title: player’s who purchase a Founder’s Pack will forever be granted the Founder’s Title, letting all who encounter you in the game for years to come know that you have been there since the start.
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Lost Ark Silver Founder’s Pack

The next pack is a $10 jump from the bronze, at $24.99. Here’s what the extra ten bucks will get you:

  • All bonuses included in the Bronze Founder’s Pack.
  • 1,000 Royal Crystals: these are Lost Ark’s premium currency. Starting out with 1,000 of them will put you in a good position to start buying up useful in-game items.
  • Silver Supply Crate: this includes the following items
    • 30 Resurrection Feathers: these can bring you back to life if you die.
    • 10,000 Silver: silver is earnable in-game and can be used to buy equipment and supplies.
    • Adventurer’s Equipment Crate: this contains a number of weapons and pieces of armour that will serve you well in the early days of your adventure.
    • Gatherer’s Tool Crate: this gives you a selection of handy tools which will help you to gather valuable resources.
    • Four Adventurer’s Ascent Chests: a level 20, 30, 40 and 50 chest, each one filled with Silver, healing items and other useful things.
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Lost Ark Gold Founder’s Pack

If you pre-order with the Gold Founder’s Pack, it’ll cost you $49.99. Here’s all the goodies that it contains:

  • All bonuses included in the Bronze and Silver Founder’s Packs.
  • 4,000 Royal Crystals: that’s four times as much of the game’s premium currency than you get in the Silver Founder’s Pack.
  • Gold Supply Crate: though titled differently, it contains all of the same items as the previously mentioned Silver Supply Crate.
  • Founder’s Exclusive Skin: to make Founder players stand out from those who get the game later, you’ll get an exclusive Northern Lawmaker Skin.
  • Character Expansion Slot: this allows you to make not one, but two characters in the game. In this game, you choose whether you want to be a human or an elf and this option would allow you to try both.
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Lost Ark Platinum Founder’s Pack

Though this one costs the most at $99.99, it is by far the most substantial of all the Founder’s Packs. Here’s everything that you’ll get with this one:

  • All bonuses included in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Founder’s Packs.
  • 7,000 Royal Crystals: a huge amount of the game’s in-game currency to begin with and seven times as much as you get in the Silver pack.
  • Platinum Supply Crate: it includes all you get in the other supply crates, but adds even more. Here’s a breakdown:
    • 60 Resurrection Feathers: these’ll bring your character back to life if you die, giving you a nice safety net in the early days of play.
    • 50,000 Silver: a huge stash of cash to use on in-game supplies.
    • 5 Adventurer’s Equipment Crates: giving you tonnes of weapons and pieces of armour to keep you going on your adventures.
    • Gatherer’s Tool Chest: giving you all the same items that the tool chest included in the other supply crates provides.
    • 4 Hero’s Ascent Chests: level 20, 30, 40, and 50, these chests contain large quantities of silver, healing items, weapons and other useful supplies.
  • Founder’s Skin: another exclusive skin, but this one will only be available to those who buy the Platinum Founder’s Skin, broadcasting to everyone that you were happy and able to make a big investment in the game from the start.
  • Founder’s Exclusive Mount: ride the world of Arkesia on a three-headed beast, a fantastic creature which will not otherwise be unlockable.
  • Platinum Welcome Crate: there are a few last exclusive treats locked with in this crate, including:
    • Founder’s Exclusive Wallpaper: if you’re a Platinum Founder, even your login screen will look different thanks to this wallpaper.
    • Founder’s Exclusive Structure: this is a special building project for you to have on your island stronghold – not available to those who are not Platinum Founders.
    • Legendary Rapport Gift Selection Chest: this item will make it easier for you to develop good relationships with characters you encounter throughout Arkesia.
    • Launch Limited Card Pack: this is handy for use with Lost Ark’s in-game card game.

And that’s all of them. If you’re somebody who really enjoys having access to exclusive in-game items that other players may not have and want your character to start out strong, then the Platinum Founder’s Pack might be very appealing. Equally, if you’re more interested in just being able to get your hands on the game as soon as possible, then the Bronze Founder’s Pack will do that. Act fast though, as these are only available until 11 February.

If you do find yourself buying a Founder’s Pack and then experience frustration relating to server launch problems, know that until February 14, you will be able to redeem your Founder’s Pack in multiple servers. This means that if you do find yourself having to start again in a different server, you won’t miss out on all your Founder’s Pack bonuses.

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