Lost Ark trailer shows off the world and lore of Arkesia

Here's where you'll be adventuring off to the latest MMO that's published by Amazon

Two Lost Ark players fighting in a tournament in Annika

While Lost Ark came to certain eastern regions many years ago, there’s plenty you might not know about the MMORPG. That’s why publisher Amazon Games is dropping some info dumps ahead of Lost Ark’s western release date. We recently got an idea of how the upcoming PC game will feel to play, but now we have a sense of the world and lore of Arkesia.

The world was birthed by a mysterious entity called the Ark that’s been split into seven pieces and scattered across the realm to “safeguard its future”. Armies of demons, however, have opened a rift to invade the world after being drawn by the light, which has kicked off the Chain Wars. To bring an end to the conflict, it’s up to you to journey across the land and reunite the pieces of the Ark.

The places you’ll journey to in Lost Ark offer plenty of variety. You’ll start by visiting idyllic and mossy places like Rethramis and Luterra, with the latter being a kingdom of knights. Once you’ve finished your work there, you’ll claim a ship to journey elsewhere. You’ve got the magical village of Tortoyk where diminutive Mokoko roam, the eastern-influenced Annika where martial arts tournaments are held, and the deserts of Arthetine that lead to a technologically advanced city where machinery tempts citizens into corruption.

Here’s the trailer:

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Things are shaping up nicely for the new PC game. The Lost Ark closed beta swiftly hit Steam’s top ten, taking little time to reach 87,635 concurrent players, as per SteamDB. Lost Ark devs have also spoken about their aim to push MMO raids “forward for the entire genre”, and the warrior advanced classes are shaping up to be very dangerous indeed.

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