Lost Ark patch adds Summoner in ‘Wreck the Halls’ December update

The Christmas Lost Ark patch releases, introducing the new Summoner advanced class and Brelshaza Legion raid in the MMORPG's ‘Wreck the Halls’ December update

Lost Ark December update - Brelshaza, a pale demoness with long white hair

Christmas arrives in Arkesia with the ‘Wreck the Halls’ Lost Ark patch. The December update for the Smilegate fantasy MMORPG is upon us, and the winter patch notes see the new Lost Ark Summoner advanced class arrive, alongside multiple endgame raids, a new accessory type, and a festive holiday event. There’s plenty to keep players busy into the new year, when the Lost Ark Witcher 3 collaboration is set to arrive.

The Summoner class is likely to be a highlight for many, with this fourth Mage advanced class bringing a range of adorable ancient elemental companions to help bring down their enemies. If you’re looking to hop into the new class with the update, the Punika Powerpass and Hyper Express events are still ongoing, meaning that you can use them to quickly boost your new character up to item level 1445 and earn a special reward for doing so.

Also introduced in the update are two new raids. Players will be able to go face-to-face against the Commander of the Phantom Legion in the eight-player Brelshaza Legion raid, which includes six unique encounters beginning at item level 1430 and ranging up to 1520 for its final levels – though you can also practise the fights at an easier setting if you want. Meanwhile, lightning dragon Caliligos awaits as part of the level six Guardians, ready to test players once they hit item level 1490.

There’s also an increase to the maximum item level thanks to the new Relic gear obtained from Brelshaza – honing the gear up to level 20 will net you the new cap of 1590, up from its previous cap of 1575. In addition to this, you can also net a stat bump and some perks from the new bracelet accessory – these are found from the two new raids and the new Void Chaos dungeons in South Vern, and while they don’t offer any engravings you can add or alter bonuses from new bracelet specialist NPCs.

Of course, with the holiday season and the arrival of a new year upon us, what better way to celebrate than heading to Lost Ark’s Festivity Island? There, you can take part in seasonal events, cook a special cake for the occasion, and earn additional rewards. Smilegate also reveals plenty of new cold weather outfits on offer in the premium store, along with a snowball mount and a pair of new pets in the forms of a snow fox and a traditional nutcracker.

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Smilegate also says it’s hoping to clamp down further on bot accounts in this December update, with an update preventing accounts yet to reach ‘trusted’ status from using the Auction House or Market, along with any player-to-player trading. In order to register your account as trusted, you can either link your Lost Ark account to a trusted Steam profile with the Steam Guard authenticator enabled, or make an in-game purchase through the Steam or Amazon store. Just as well there’s plenty to choose from at the moment, then!

The Lost Ark Wreck The Halls update arrives on December 14 at 12am PT / 3am ET / 8am GMT / 9am CET / 7pm AET, with four hours of maintenance expected at that time before players can log in and start playing the new patch.

If you’re ready to get festive, keep an eye on our Lost Ark tier list to see where the Summoner falls. We’ve also got all the Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds locations, to make hunting down the fantasy game’s collectibles as easy as finishing off that last mince pie.