Lost Ark update and Brelshaza raid release date “before the holidays”

The December Lost Ark update and its Brelshaza Legion raid release date are set to be revealed next week, but will land in the fantasy RPG before the holidays

Lost Ark December update - Brelshaza, a pale-skinned lady with long white hair flowing over one shoulder and giant horns, wearing a high-collared black and gold set of armour

The December Lost Ark update and Brelshaza raid release date are set to fall “before the holidays,” developer Smilegate confirms. The fantasy game is set to receive its next major update in December, bringing with it a range of new content – chief among which is the Brelshaza Legion raid, a climactic battle against the commander of the Phantom Legion. Smilegate is set to unveil the specific release date next week, giving us a fairly good estimation as to when it will actually fall.

Community manager ‘Roxx’ says that the specific date for the December update “will be confirmed early next week, but do note it will be here before the holidays.” It’s most common for Lost Ark updates to fall on a Wednesday, which has been the game’s weekly reset day since July. Therefore, it follows that an update landing before the holidays is likely to fall on December 7, 14, or 21.

With the release date announcement not coming until next week, it seems unlikely that it’d arrive in time for December 7, and a case could be made that December 21 is too close to Christmas to be considered to fall before the holidays. Therefore, it seems most likely that the Lost Ark December update release date will be December 14. Of course, we won’t know for certain until the official announcement, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

If you’re hoping to jump into the 8-player Brelshaza Legion raid, which features six unique gates and encounters along with the ultimate challenge against Brelshaza herself, the item level requirements begin at 1430. However, they increase with every two gates, so you’ll need 1490 for gates one and two, 1500 for gates three and four, and 1520 to take on gates five and six.

For newer players looking to gear up in advance, Smilegate recommends players take on the Valtan and Vykas Legion raids in order to get your hands on powerful Relic gear. In addition, the December update brings a new bracelet accessory type, so you’ll be able to hop into a Void Chaos dungeon or take on Caliligos in a Guardian raid once the update arrives in order to get even more of an upper hand in the fight against Brelshaza.

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