Lost Ark Witcher 3 collaboration coming to ARPG in January

Smilegate announces a Lost Ark Witcher 3 collaboration is coming to worldwide servers in January 2023, following an earlier Korean announcement at LOA ON

Lost Ark Witcher 3 collaboration and new Aeromancer class

December 1, 2022  This story has been updated with the newly revealed worldwide release date.

The Lost Ark Witcher 3 collaboration release date has been confirmed for worldwide audiences. The crossover was previously announced for Korean servers at the RPG game‘s LOA ON event in June, but we now have an official date for it, with the two fantasy series colliding in January 2023. Original announcement story follows below.

Original story: Lost Ark developer Smilegate has announced a collaboration with beloved fantasy game The Witcher 3 at its LOA ON event, as well as revealing details for new Lost Ark class the Aeromancer, which is now confirmed to be launching in Korea on July 6. Both are currently only set for the free-to-play ARPG’s Korean servers, but it’s expected that they’ll make their way to the western version in time – hopefully sooner rather than later.

The Aeromancer is described as a ‘synergy damage’ class, and uses her parasol to deliver weather-based attacks. The gameplay demo shows off a whirlwind-style move that feels reminiscent of Diablo’s barbarian, positional AoEs that cause persistent rainfall or thunder on an area, a floating dash attack which appears to leave frost patches on the ground in its wake, a conical wind attack that batters foes multiple times, some handy movement tricks, and a large hailstorm that is followed up by enemies being flung into the air.

As for the Witcher 3 collaboration, it was announced as part of the event schedule with a simple ‘Lost Ark x The Witcher 3’ graphic – sadly, we didn’t get any more details than that, although it is suggested that the event is estimated to arrive on Korean servers in winter, so if it does come over here we likely won’t see it until at least 2023.

Update, December 1 – the Witcher 3 Lost Ark collaboration has been confirmed for January 2023 on worldwide servers.

You can watch the Aeromancer gameplay trailer below:

Plenty of other updates were also announced during the full LOA ON event, and a quick translated summary has been provided on the game’s official subreddit. Some of the other highlights discussed are cross-server friends, news of the next story content, a rework of the world map allowing for zooming, increased support for new players, and a revamp to the game’s selfie mode. Again, these updates are for the Korean server, but it’s expected that they will all make their way to the international version of Lost Ark further down the line.

Smilegate recently backpedalled on its planned Yoz Jar update that would have offered paid cosmetics with stat buffs. If you’re checking out the action-RPG for yourself then don’t miss our Lost Ark class tier list for PvP and PvE, as well as our guide to getting started in Lost Ark as a new player.