Lost Ark players want to go to Twitchcon for one reason

The Lost Ark team at Twitchcon took the opportunity to share some rare merch most of the MMO's fans outside South Korea won't be able to get for a long time

The Lost Ark team made an appearance at Twitchcon and brought along a few items fans couldn’t resist: Mokoko Seeds. Not real ones, of course. It was a batch of adorable Mokoko merch, including seed stickers and a smiling Mokoko lamp to bless your bedside table. The best part was, you didn’t even have to hunt for them. The team gave the Mokoko items away to anyone who dropped by the booth and did a dance from the MMO game for them.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the seeds being notoriously difficult to track down in Lost Ark itself – Smilegate tends to place the tiny green specks in hard-to-reach areas or spots covered by the environment – fans seemed eager to embrace the challenge for a chance to bring a Mokoko home.

Nearly every quote retweet on the official Lost Ark account’s announcement commented on how lovable the lamp was, with one just being an incoherent scream.

And we can’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to glance over at their nightstand and see a smiling, glowing Mokoko Seed beaming back at them? Having to Umarka in real life for it is maybe not such an appealing prospect, but with how rare Lost Ark merch is, it’d probably be worth it anyway.

Smilegate hosted a few Lost Ark stores in South Korea in 2022, including one entirely themed around Mokoko in honor of their birthday, but so far there’s been no way for anyone outside South Korea to buy the items.

We’re hopeful that may change soon, as Lost Ark continues growing globally, and Smilegate hasn’t ruled it out – unlike the prospect of a DPS meter. But for now, we’ll  have to content ourselves with tackling the latest Guardian Raids and taking it easy on Arkesia’s island getaway.

While the most recent update was a bit quiet in terms of new classes, that won’t be the case forever. Check out the list of confirmed upcoming new classes so you know how to plan ahead.