Lost Ark Machinist advanced class arrives in September

The Lost Ark Machinist advanced class is due to arrive as part of a major content update scheduled for September, along with a new Legion Raid

Lost Ark Machinist advanced class: A machinist, in mecha-style armour, fires a blast of energy from his left hand

Action-packed MMORPG Lost Ark will add its next advanced class in September. The Lost Ark Machinist advanced class is a branch from the Gunner starting class, and comes armed with lasers, machine guns, drones, and abilities powered by special energy cores. The Machinist will be added as part of a major content update that also includes new events and a new Legion Raid.

Lost Ark’s roadmap for August and September begins with a new pet ranch and the Maharaka festival in August, but it’s later in September that things really get interesting. The fifth Gunner advanced class, the Machinist wears high-tech armour and has a sweet electric guitar for a musical instrument.

In combat, the Machinist has a submachine gun as a primary weapon, with a drone flying along as support. The advanced class has two class engravings that can be obtained after level 50, and both offer unique ways to play the class. Machinists can charge their special Hypersync ability up with energy cores, which are filled by landing attacks. Using abilities depletes the energy, and the Hypersync will end when the energy is gone.

The September content update will also include the new Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid. This raid pits you against “the insanity of the Midnight Circus as you battle members of the Mayhem Legion and Legion COmmander Kakul-Saydon,” Smilegate RPG explains. You won’t be able to use revives during this four-player raid, and you’ll need to be item level 1475 to attempt it on normal difficulty. However, an easier version, called Midnight Circus: Rehearsal, is available from item level 1385 and up.

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