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How to change Lost Ark mouse settings

Trying to get to grips with Lost Ark's controls? Here's how to change the game's mouse control and keybind settings

Lost Ark is undeniably a promising MMO, and its concurrent Steam player count is a testament to that fact. The 2.5D RPG romp is also wildly popular on Twitch, reaching 1.2 million viewers at its peak. Yet, unless you managed to dive into Arkesia early using the Founder’s Pack, you’re probably still battling with the multiplayer’s gaming mouse controls, and that could make or break your personal experience with the game.

In a way, Lost Ark’s controls are a cross between Diablo and a traditional MMO, which could take some time to get used to. While the game kicks things off by giving you a choice of either left or right-click mouse configurations, it’s easy to forget how to switch between settings once you’ve started your adventure.

To help you get the most out of one of 2022’s best MMOs, we’ve outlined exactly how to change Lost Ark mouse settings, including how to access the game’s hotkeys and button mapping options.

Here’s how to change Lost Ark mouse controls:

Lost Ark mouse settings and keybindings screen

After leaving Lost Ark’s character creation suite, the game prompts you to review its control scheme, including keybindings and mouse options. It’s at this point that you can choose whether to wield left or right-click attack controls. If, however, you eagerly changed past this screen, you might want to revisit and tweak things to suit your playstyle. With that in mind, here’s how to get back to the control settings screen:

  • Press the escape key
  • Navigate to ‘settings’
  • Select ‘hotkey’, then click ‘basic controls’

Once you’ve reached the basic controls screen, you can toggle ‘Attack with Right-Click’ on and off to suit your preferences. Lost Ark’s default keybindings are also changeable via this screen, and there are additional mouse accessibility options in a dedicated tab within settings.

Lost Ark settings screen with mouse hovering over 'attack with right mouse click' option

Now that you’ve successfully adjusted mouse control settings, you’re now ready to take the MMO by storm. If you’re holding out for the game’s free-to-play release, you’ll want to check out the Lost Ark’s server lists before diving in for the first time.