Lost Ark reset bug compensation “a real slap in the face”

Lost Ark reset bug compensation arrives for players locked out of activities including the Brelshaza raid and Adventure Island, but leaves many disappointed.

Lost Ark reset bug - a pale humanoid demon with winged chest tattoos and large wings

If you’ve been hit by the Lost Ark reset bug affecting many players in recent weeks, there’s good news as developer Smilegate announces a compensation package for anyone affected. However, the contents of the pack and certain restrictions on how it can be claimed have left many fans of the MMORPG underwhelmed.

The issue was first highlighted in late December, where some players noted that their characters had been locked out of certain activities, with the daily or weekly resets appearing to have not correctly gone through. This can be hugely impactful to endgame progression, as it affects events such as raids and the Adventure Island that award key upgrade materials and resources.

In most cases, the problem appears to stem from players disconnecting during events such as guardian raids, at which point the character in question becomes hit with the bug. Players report issues such as their character dailies not resetting, stronghold action energy not regenerating, rewards from raids such as the Brelshaza raid and Kakul Saydon raid, along with the likes of weekly coins, gates of chaos, area guards, and more.

Smilegate posts on the official forums that players can expect a compensation package, with a base offering to all affected players. It also notes that “due to how this issue had different impacts on each player, we will be investigating each account individually and sending reset tickets based on individual circumstance and missed content.” The base compensation package is as follows:

  • Guardian Raid rest bonus ticket x21
  • Una’s Task +1 x21
  • Basic Life Energy potion x60
  • Stronghold Energy (S) x150
  • 30-day Crystalline Aura

The post also notes that the weekly reset tickets will be sent out at a rate of one per maintenance period, so that players are not flooded with tickets that have a seven-day use limit. Players can claim the rewards through the universal storage in-game. In addition to this, you can only claim the reward through February 28, and must do so on the main character on your Lost Ark roster.

While it’s good to see the issue addressed, many affected players are expressing disappointment in the specifics. One of the users who initially raised the bug claims that only roughly half of the things they have missed out on are actually covered by the compensation package, and additional reset tickets are unlikely to make up the difference.

Lost Ark - Brelshaza, a demon in black armour with large horns

In addition to this, the tickets mean that players who have lost out on potential farming will now have to do that farming in the coming weeks – rather than Smilegate simply giving out the missed rewards. “They really want you to work to make up for their **** up, no freebies,” one affected player exclaims, calling the package “a real slap in the face to be honest.”

Others point out that the decision to limit it to the main character on your roster completely misses the issue. “My main character does not need those tickets because he has enough horns to make all six Brelshaza items already,” one commenter points out, “It’s my 1500 lvl character who has been stuck not being able to do Brelshaza for five weeks now who needs those tickets, not my main character!”

Until the case-by-case compensation has been handed out, it’s impossible to be certain exactly how this case will close, but it’s certainly understandable why players would feel frustrated to have a character lose so much progression only to then be asked to put in extra work to catch back up. This comes just weeks after Smilegate and Amazon Games had to overturn a Lost Ark Steam ban wave that left many inactive players with marks against their Steam accounts.

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