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Lost Ember lets you play as a fish, a bird, and a wolf exploring a fallen world

Lost Ember PC

Walking simulators are great and everything, but there’s just not enough swimming or flying in them. That’s where Mooneye Studios and their newly announced exploration game Lost Ember comes in, because while ostensibly you’ll spend your time exploring for traces of story in a gorgeous open-world, you’ll be doing it from the perspective of any animal you can find in the world.

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The title isn’t slated for release until early 2018 but the gorgeous teaser trailer is enough to get us excited for what the indie studio will come up with by then. A Kickstarter for the game is planned to launch this Autumn, with a subscriber countdown posted to the top of their official site.

Details about what you’ll be doing in Lost Ember are expectantly scarce, though the site does give a basic synopsis. “Discover the beauty of a world where nature has reclaimed its place from mankind. As a wolf with the power to control other animals and a determined companion on your side you’ll discover ruins of old cultures and remains of long forgotten civilizations that tell you a story of hope, loss, ambition and failure.”

The official site and teaser trailer also reveal the game’s multi-perspective mechanic. “These other animals can be possessed anytime the wolf encounters them along his journey and their special abilities are vital in some situations. Fly through the tops of the tree with a parrot, dive into the depths as a fish or dig your way to otherwise inaccessible areas as a mole – your ways of getting around are numerous.”