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LostWinds and LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias launch today on Steam

LostWinds 2

Frontier brings the LostWinds adventures to Steam, with LostWinds and LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias both landing on PC today. 

Frontier also make that Elite: Dangerous game, which features in our list of PC's best space games. You should read that.

LostWinds isn't about a severe build-up of intestinal gas followed by sudden release, as the name suggests. No, this is about the actual wind, with the main character, Toku, using the gusty element to aid him on his journey to lift the curse placed on the land of Mistralis by the evil spirit Balasar.

LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias picks up where the first game ends, but this time you can switch between seasons, bringing up the summer sun and summoning the winter snow at will.

You'll smash enemies, solve puzzles and adventure through these painterly worlds on PC with updated controls, enhanced visuals and more improvements over the 2008 original.

LostWinds and LostWinds 2 launched today for $9.99, exclusively on Steam. LostWinds: The Blossom Edition, including both games, is also available for $14.99.

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

Good grief. I remember these from the Wii. Inoffensive, charming little titles with somewhat fiddly controls. I always felt that it would probably play better with a mouse or a touchscreen, and here we are. I'm glad of it, to be honest.

Really, it'd be nice to replay these without the frustration of the Wiimote. (Really, Nintendo, what were you thinking?) I'm actually glad they did away with that thing around the time of the Wii U. The only thing I'm still irritable at Nintendo for is forcing me to use the giant, somewhat unwieldy gamepad rather than the Pro controller for Splatoon. And I do love me some Splatoon.

Hm. Nintendo can be a source of good games. Xenoblade Chronicles X is bloody marvellous. It's done much to sate my wanderlust and my desire to explore a truly alien world. In fact, I haven't had my desire whetted for such like that since... what? Maybe Uru: Ages Beyond Myst? It's really something to create a believable alien world with its own bizarre critters, ecology, and whatnot. I've been enjoying my Wii U a bit. But hey, PCGamesN aren't the sort to accuse me for being a traitor for liking consoles, right? This isn't /that/ site.


Oh, and speaking of colourful and magical looking games that happen to be out on consoles but also, relevantly, PC? There's this thing called Stories: The Path of Destinies that I saw some trailers of. It almost passed me by despite being right up my alley. It's a little bit Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, a little bit Skies of Arcadia, and a little bit anthropomorphic animal-y. Which, after Zootopia, is probably an 'in' thing again? I liked it before it was cool. Well, mostly were-creatures and dragons, but still.

Anyway, yes. Lost Winds is nifty. Do play it with a mouse or a touchscreen. Don't play it with a Wiimote. Q.E.D. I'm going to take my own advice and do just that, when I get the chance.