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Lucas Arts cancelled 20 Star Wars games over the years, including Jedi Knight 3


An appendix from Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts, a new book covering the history of the studio reveals 20 cancelled games, including Jedi Knight 3: Brink of Darkness.

While that may be the most familiar name on the page, the titles of some of the other projects reveal a whole slew of games that focused on different parts of the Lucas’ universe.

You can see the image of the cancelled gameshere.

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that one of the games was called Scum and Villainy, considering thata recent Star Wars: The Old Republic content expansionhad the same name.

I’d liked to have seen what went on in Jedi Knight 3: Brink of Darkness. I loved the second game, still hold it up there as the best lightsaber combat committed to keyboard.

Rebel Jedi and Jedi Rebel, clearly one is the story of a rebellious jedi and the other is the story of a jedi-like rebel.

Smuggler stands out with the name alone. We’ve none of the details of the game but a non-jedi space flight game that sees you running the length of the galaxy avoiding imperial attention would have been potentially excellent.

Still, not sure their ideas much up with our own Star Wars game proposals.

Cheers, AGB.