Ex-Journey devs’ Luna will bring weird dreamscape dioramas to Oculus Touch

Luna Oculus Touch

Funomena, a studio founded by two of the team behind evocative indie hit Journey, have been showing off gameplay of their latest creation Luna for Oculus Touch.

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The game, which appeared at Double Fine’s Day of the Devs last week, appears to be a series of constellation arrangement puzzles followed by player modification of a serene diorama-like scene, planting tress and lilypads and what-not.

With the Oculus Touch controllers, and some nice audio interaction design, it seems like a natural fit for an outfit headed up by devs from Thatgamecompany’s Journey and Flower.

Producer and CEO Robin Hunicke and tech director Martin Middleton are joined by Art Director Glenn Hernandez for Luna, which has a pretty abstract look with almost stop-motion animation.

In the gameplay demo below, the player also jumps into the diorama after it has been fashioned to their liking to see a little scene play out between a cute tortoise and bird. It’s all very lovely and twee.