Mac Ops: Black Ops coming to Mac


Mac gamer, sorry, gamers: are you ready to shoot things in the face from the year 2010? There is a Black Ops game being converted to your cultish devices: not the second one, which will be out this year on PC, but the original is on its way. If you listen, you can hear the shouting.

Mac publisher Aspyr are handling the heavy load of swapping those bombastic events and gunshoots to your high-res displays and single-button mice. It’s currently scheduled for Fall, and there are no other technical details present in the store page. But the PC specs weren’t terribly bloated, so you won’t require huge specs to push those pixels. Unless you’re gaming on one of those retina-enabled Macbook Pros, in which case you should probably get as much RAM as you can afford: your 2880-by-1800 screen will probably need some help to make the following in-game footage as shiny as it can manage.