Forget an RTX 2080 Super, Mac users can instead pay $700 for some wheels

Think different?

While the ‘PC’ umbrella technically includes Linux and Mac, a big variety of historical factors mean that PC gaming is now almost entirely the domain of machines running Windows. Macs are still often-wonderful machines, though they do have a reputation for being pricey – with the launch of the Mac Pro wheels kit, it seems Apple is content to drift fully into the land of self-parody.

The Mac Pro Wheels kit, as the name implies, is a set of four wheels that you can attach to a Mac Pro, in case you want to roll your tower around the office. This kit – which again, consists of four small wheels – is $699 USD. For a PC gaming comparison, that is the suggested retail price of an RTX 2080 Super. These wheels will not let you try the Minecraft RTX beta, either.

The “highlights” on the Apple Store page include that the kit is “compatible with Mac Pro (current generation)” – I would hope so, though in theory a drill should make it compatible with any generation – and that it “adds improved mobility to your Mac Pro”. Even by Apple’s aesthetically sparse copy, that’s reaching.

You might’ve seen in the past few months that these wheels were ‘only’ $400 USD – that’s the price when you buy them as an option while ordering a new Mac Pro. If you want them separately, you’re going to have to pay an even more ridiculous premium.

You can also get the Mac Pro Feet kit for just $299. Or maybe check out our guide to the best graphics card if you want to spend the cash you definitely have in this economy on something else.