Here’s 20 minutes of Mad Max cruising the wasteland. Because: Mad Max

Mad Max gameplay

Mad Max is out sooner than you probably thought–September 1st–so you might be content to just wait for it to come out (or maybe for our review to give it the okay first?) but if you’re still trying to get as much of it into your eyeballs as possible, the fellows over at IGN have taken 20 minutes of footage that take in a full mission of the game. Watch the video for a demo of the customisation options (at lightning speed), driving, combat, map usage and even a few cinematics.

It still seems like the breakout critical success of Mad Max: Fury Road took Avalanche somewhat surprise, with the whole thing feeling a bit more Road Warrior (with the exception of Max’s companion Chumbucket, who’s annoying enough to be a bit Beyond Thunderdome, sadly). More time with the game will reveal if it manages the consistency of vision of George Miller’s latest masterpiece, but with an open-world as packed as the one seen in the video above, it’s questionable if that’s even required.