New Mad Max trailer gives you the choice between explosions, explosions and explosions


Mad Max is just on the horizon and looks to have the potential to be as surprisingly good as the recently released film. It’s coming out September 1st (going up against MGS5? ‘Mad’ is right) and the latest trailer shows off the different ways to dismantle your enemies. It’s one of those new fangled YouTube-annotations, choose-your-own-adventure style things, but all the options have one thing in common – stuff blows up.

I could really get into the Shadow Of Mordor Only You’re In A Car vibe that I’m getting from this. I’ve no heavy investment in the universe and didn’t care for Fury Road as much as most of the internet, but I’ll happily blow up buildings, cars and people. Also quite interested to find out the lore justification for seemingly being able to summon a lightning storm at will. Not that I don’t want to.

The main worry is how the car will handle, particularly if you’re spending as much time in it as this trailer implies. It’s not as simple as a normal driving model either, there’ll be so much more stop-start from all that ramming. Plus, depending on how much time you spend on foot, the various shootin’ and punchin’ systems in place.

You can pre-order on Steam for £34.99.