Just in time for Super Bowl LVII, Madden 23 arrives on PC Game Pass

The Super Bowl will kick off February 12 between the Chiefs and the Eagles, but Game Pass PC subscribers can start their own NFL season in Madden 23 right now.

Madden 23 Game Pass: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes prepares to throw a pass in Madden NFL 23

Super Bowl LVII will see the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Glendale Arizona in one of the year’s most-watched television events in the US. As always, it’ll be a pretty non-interactive show – but fortunately, Madden 23 has arrived on PC Game Pass so subscribers can start running their own American football season as head coaches or skilled players. The latest entry in the long-running sports game series can indeed be played on PC, albeit without some of the next-gen features present in the Xbox X|S and PlayStation 5 versions.

Madden NFL 23’s The League mode lets you take on the role of a fifth-year NFL skill position player who’s just signed with a new team. As a quarterback, wide receiver, running back, centre back, or middle linebacker, it’s up to you to prove yourself and establish your career in the league.

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You can also play as head coach, and dig into your team’s on-field strategy while managing franchise operations like scouting and staffing. Of course, there’s the Madden Ultimate Team mode for all your loot box-related needs as well.

Tragically, Madden NFL 23 has continued the EA Sports tradition of leaving new next-gen features out of the PC edition of the game – that means you’ll effectively be playing a port of the Xbox One edition.

You can find Madden NFL 23 in the PC Game Pass app now, but be aware that you’ll need to be logged into the EA app to actually install the game, as it’s offered through EA Play.

If you’re not into pointy balls, you can check out the best football games on PC, which are about a game that is actually played with feet. Double check the Madden 23 PC system requirements before you download to make sure your kickoffs go smoothly.