Free Mafia 3 update adds car customisation, street racing and bright red racing car

Mafia 3 Griffin Marauder

A free update has just been released for 2K’s open-world game Mafia III. New features include a racing mode, car customisations, new outfits and a custom revolver for Lincoln to use. 2K promise that developers Hangar 13 are working on additional free updates as well as three paid story expansions.

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The Mafia III devs cite the classic car chase films of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s as a major inspiration, and now you can get your petrolhead kicks in street races as well as in the main game. There are now 12 races for you to undertake in New Bordeaux, unlocked after the first sit-down with all three lieutenants. Look for race markers on the minimap to initiate them. Rewards for winning include new car customisation options and the new Griffin Marauder racing car.

If you’ve already got a favourite ‘ride’ that you’d like to ‘pimp’, head over to one of the nine Big Rick’s Garages in the city. From there you’ll be able to change your car’s exhausts, spoilers, superchargers and wheels, and add different decals. With the Griffin Marauder, Lincoln’s fleet of available cars now numbers ten (including the three in the Family Kick-Back DLC), all of which you can customise.

Finally, Lincoln gets three new outfits. If you link Mafia III with a My2K account, you’ll unlock a fourth, and a custom golden revolver named Il Duca. Check your wardrobe for the new outfit and the arms dealer for Il Duca if you’ve already done this.

Full details of the update are available on the Mafia III blog. You can learn more about Mafia III’s planned post-release content here, and check out its Steam page here.