Mafia 3 will get more violent in response to your choices

Mafia 3 choices

Mafia III, it cannot be debated, is a rather nasty-looking game. It is as far from fluffy bunnies and rainbows as you can get, buried deep in post-vietnam American unhappiness, gang warfare and racism. But if that’s not enough horrible for you, things will actually get worse if you decide to take the nastier route. If you kill where you don’t need to, main-man Lincoln Clay is going to respond by getting meaner.

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We discovered this during a recent play session where, upon executing a disarmed prisoner early in the game, Lincoln later took it upon himself to smash a man’s face off a burning hot furnace rather than simply knock him out. Andy Wilson, executive producer, explains that one lead to the other.

He also points out that this isn’t a full morality system or part of a wider-ranging story-changing choice between good and evil – Lincoln’s a little past that sort of thing – but simply “a few small moments where [his] actions respond to yours.” Neat.

As for how it plays, check back later for our full preview of several hours from the full game. In the mean time, here’s the latest trailer, and the Mafia 3 system requirements were released yesterday.