Mafia 3 gameplay footage arrives in a cloud of blood and tire smoke

Mafia 3 Gamescom preview

Mafia 3 was announced back at Gamescom, and while we got to see a pre-rendered trailer to give us a taste of the setting, gameplay was confined to behind doors at the German convention. Thankfully that footage has made its way online for everyone to watch. 

For a little more context, check out our Mafia 3 preview from Gamescom.

The video comes via IGN, who have picked up the gameplay footage as part of the First series. The video is narrated by creative director Haden Blackman, who explains various elements of the game’s design, mechanics, characters, and the themes of the story such as racism.

As you may already know, Mafia 3 jumps forward in time from the last entry, leaving the ‘glory’ days of organised crime behind and strutting around 1968: an era gripped by the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Act. Muscle cars, non-italian gangs, and rock-n-roll are rife. A very different setting from the sharp-suits-and-tommy-guns that were used to.