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Mafia 3 shows off its fictionalised take on New Orleans in new trailer

Mafia 3

When you imagine New Orleans you probably conjure up images of the St Louis Cathedral, the city's bustling French Quarter, its alligator-infested bayou, neon signs, and all that jazz. Mafia 3 aims to cut that all down, delivering a fictional take on the iconic city - a condensed version made up of postcard snaps. 

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As GTA V has proven, it's possible to take the feel of a place and transfer it to videogame form. Los Santos isn't a 1:1 replica of L.A., but somehow it replicates the place by stitching together its landmarks and connecting them in a logical way. 

Mafia 3 aims to do that with New Bordeaux, a location inspired by New Orleans, split up into nine districts, each under the control of two criminal organisations.

The entire city, from the French Quarter to the swampy bayou, will be completely open from the start, too, so videogame tourists will be able to take a road trip from the get-go. And it's all built to support sliding around corners in a virtual muscle car. 

The Mafia 3 is due to release on October 7, and you can watch the new trailer below. 

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