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Magicka 2 karaoke trailer is terribly awkward and completely wonderful

Magicka 2

If you want to see some spell-flinging, robe-wearing action from Magicka 2, you’ll need to listen to Totally Not A Vampire, Vlad, doing a little karaoke number. Clearly it’s a lesser known European hit from the ‘80s. Paradox sure knows how to trailer. 

And yes, I did sing along. I have the shame of a reality television person. 

Magicka 2 was announced at the last E3, promising more magical battles and the opportunity to annihilate friendships through arcane friendly fire. Expect lots of colourful robes, too.

If you prefer to murder friends that are sitting close enough to hit you, then you might be pleased with the inclusion of local co-op alongside its online sibling.

For those of you who like free things and belting out songs, you can make your own Magicka 2 karaoke video, tweet it so that everyone can enjoy your powerful voice, and maybe you’ll get a free copy of the game when it launches early next year.

Wander over to this very modern website for full details.