Magicka 2’s new trailer explores the complex relationship between vampires and wizards

Magicka 2 trailer

I’m eager to get my hands on Magicka 2, and assault my chums (by mistake) with a variety of not safe for the home magical spells. But I’m content to wait, because the gap between wanting to play and getting to play is full of silly Magicka trailers. 

Here’s another one, actually. With definitely-not-a-vampire Vlad missing his wizard pals. Poor guy. 

Steve got his mitts on the game at the tail end of last year, and seemed to have a grand old time, turning wheels and melting crabs. Take a gander at his hands-on look at Magicka 2.

“Magicka 2’s world is more expansive and appears to have allowed the developers a bit more room for ingenuity. You can blast enemies off cliffs and into chasms. Bomb-chucking enemies can have their explosives volleyed back towards them or defused with a well aimed squirt of water. Certain enemies are weak to certain elements: the undead are immune to death attacks but particularly vulnerable to holy life energy. Fiery beasts will be healed by your fire-beams but will quickly succumb to water based attacks.”

It’s due out later this year.