Magicka: Wizard Wars challenges you to a duel


Latest news out of Paradox HQ is that Magicka: Wizard Wars is having a new mode grafted on. Thankfully those flowing robes will hide the scars, but there will definitely be something big and new writhing under there. The addition is Duel Mode, a four-player fight to the (numerous) death, fought in the tight confines of a stone arena. 

As with all duels, only one can emerge the alive and victorious. But with four players, the typical 1v1 system is altered a tad. Two players duke it out whilst two spectate, and when one falls they are replaced by a spectator. This continues until one player manages to tally up six kills, upon which they are crowned the victor.

The mode will be added to Magicka: Wizard Wars in the near future. The game is currently available on Steam in Early Access.

Thanks, VG247.