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Magicka: Wizard Wars footage turns the air blue with bolts of electricity and friendly fire


What kind of wars would a wizard wage if a wizard would wage wars? The sort fought flamboyantly by teams of four over control points, if Paradox are to be believed. Don’t call Magicka: Wizard Wars a MOBA, though, even when the minions are swirling about your feet – there’s no three-lane map, no class system, and no cooldowns. Instead, there are furious combos to be chained as spells and counterspells are thrown thick and fast.

It’ll look something like this.

New studio Paradox North have lifted Magicka’s dynamic spellcasting system wholesale and refashioned it for use in competitive PvP. The results look to be short, spectacular matches far better suited to lunchtime play than the original Arrowhead game. Ye olde Magicka once left me staring glumly at a faulty IP-pairing screen, chewing a pitta bread with as much forlornness as I could muster. Never again.

Do you think you’ll be signing up for Wizard Wars’ forthcoming alpha on the official site?