Maia 0.52 will let you possess people, robots and, for some reason, doors

Maia 0.52

Colony building game Maia is still doing its thing in Early Access and has just been updated to 0.52. The new build sees lots of squashed bugs, new types of plants that you can grow in your hydroponics bay and – more importantly – a fancy first-person mode. 

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If you fire up Maia now, you’ll be able to possess a wide range of things, from the colonists themselves, to their robot helpers. You can even, for some reason, possess doors. Why not?

Here’s Simon Roth showing it in action:

Possessing someone (or something) doesn’t just let you view the world from their eyes, or rather their ocular sensors and headcams; you get complete control over them. The utility bot can be driven around and made to do repairs, while the IMP robot can construct walls and the like.

Try not to set fire to your colonists. It’s the time of year to be nice to humans, even if you a robot.