Control rooms, alien breeding and base invasions come to Maia in update 0.59

Maia Update 0.59

Update 0.59 of space colony management sim Maia brings alien domestication and greater control options to your offworld base, while aliens now will actively try to steal back stolen animals and damage your homestead in night raids.

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Along with this update gives colonists the ability to capture, breed and slaughter alien livestock, the native population can now strike back in retaliation by either simply damaging your equipment as a show of force or stealing rations and livestock as revenge. Colonists can strike back in kind, with update 0.59 adding new sidearms and patrol behaviours for players looking to defend their precious supply of space jerky.

To manage all of these patrols, this update also adds the command and control room to base building, giving colonists the ability to track heat signatures within your base network, as well as lifting the population cap and adding a special map view to see threats and friendlies in the local area.

UI improvements have been added, including a special font for dyslexic players and Maia’s in-game tannoy system now has more voice lines to alert players of incoming solar storms, natural disasters, power failures and more.

The whole changelog is available over on the Maia website and check out the video above for a developer walkthrough of this new update.