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Major League Gaming launch MLG.TV. Call of Duty kicks off the broadcasting

Major League Gaming MLG TV

Major League Gaming are now operating their own streaming service. It’s not trying to compete with Twitch though, they’re signing particular leagues to broadcast, not letting any old riffraff stream.

For now they’re running their own content but they’ve announced their first two partners, OpTic Gaming and Gfinity. The former is a Call of Duty team and the latter a European league. 

“MLG is one of the fastest growing premium content producers on the web with over 600% growth in audience over the last three years and a long history of driving industry-leading returns for major brand advertisers,” said Sundance DiGiovanni, co-founder and CEO of MLG. How do we know they said this? We’ve had an intern on the inside of MLG for months now. And they’ve no idea who it is. Continue the stellar work M Peterson. Wait, that’s too easy to guess. Crack on Michael P. “We leveraged our experience as a top online broadcaster to create the ultimate environment for not only our own content, but other industry leaders as well. Based on years of research and first-hand experience with other streaming solutions, we built a platform from the ground up to deliver the viewing experiences that we and our partners create. The MLG.TV network and video player are architected to deliver the highest quality viewing experience possible, utilizing the most reliable streaming technology available.”

This weekend, will see the channel streamingMLG Columbus, featuring the first ever Call of Duty: Ghosts tournament and an international Dota Tournament.

We wrote about MLG’s new Dota 2 leagues not too long ago. It looks like they’re trying to ramp up their content production to start filling out this channel.

Have you had enough press release quotes? No? You can handle another? Well, have at you:

“MLG’s experience as the global leader in eSports made MLG.TV the definitive solution for distributing our special event content to our expansive global fan base,” said Hector Rodriguez, owner of the OpTic Gaming Team and Organization which has millions of stream viewers and millions of followers via social media. “In the few weeks that we have been leveraging MLG.tv, our hashtag #OpTicGrind trended on Twitter nearly daily via MLG chat.”