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Win a key for Man O’ War: Corsair! Engage in epic naval combat as you explore the oceans of Warhammer

Man O' War: Corsair giveaway

Based on Games Workshop’s tabletop classic, Man O’ War: Corsair – Warhammer Naval Battles lets you sail the seas plundering enemy ships, visiting ports, and trading spices, wine or whatever else you choose to steal. Dominate everything in your path and watch people flee at the sight of you, or become rich and famous through trades and hunting monsters of the deep.

When it comes to battles on the high sea there are not only cannons at you disposal; you can also control magic-hurling wizards, hire sharpshooters and command Griffons or other flyers for attacks from above. Send Skaven ships to the murky depths, cut Khorne’s champions to pieces and battle sea monsters as you raid, pillage and conquer your way across the sea and land.

We’ve got 100 keys to give away, so how do you get your hands on one? All you need to do is enter via our widget below. Each action is worth one entry, so the more you do, the higher your chance of winning. We’ll also need your email address to send your code if you’re one of the lucky ones – we promise there’ll be no spam!

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Man O' War: Corsair giveaway