Sci-fi Tarkov game Marauders update will add a Red Baron boss

The December Marauders update will add a fearsome new Red Baron boss who you'll have to defeat in space combat before breaching and boarding his custom ship

Marauders Update: Concept art of the Red Baron boss shows several possible looks, with the central figure wearing padded flak armour accented by hard red plates, a gas mask with red lenses, and a red helmet

A major Marauders update is coming in December that will add a new multi-stage boss encounter to the dieselpunk sci-fi game, the developers have now confirmed. The Red Baron update adds an apex space pirate boss, and you’ll have to defeat him in ship-to-ship combat before heading aboard and taking him out in close-quarters combat.

The Red Baron is an elite dogfighting ace from Marauders’ Central Empire faction, and it’ll take skill in both aeronautics and firearms to take him down. The baron patrols space in a new ship called the Strike Frigate. It’s lootable, but to gain access, you’ll have to disable the ship first – developers Small Impact Games say that if you try to breach your way in too early, he’ll simply shoot down your pods.

The Baron’s Strike Frigate itself is an entirely new environment for Marauders – it’s dark and spooky, lit only by dim red emergency lighting. Small Impact says that once you’re on board, the Baron will behave according to custom logic – he’s not going to be running around making lots of noise, instead, he’ll lie in wait and try to ambush players.

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While present plans don’t include giving the Baron an NPC crew, you’ll have to watch out for other players – every space pirate in the area is going to come running as soon as they realise the Baron’s ship has been disabled.

Whoever survives will be able to commandeer the Strike Frigate and collect whatever rare loot the Baron drops – that could be a special weapon, or his blast-proof armour (which prevents him from ever being killed by ship-to-ship combat).

Small Impact Games says the Red Baron Update will be out sometime in December, and to watch the Marauders social media accounts to stay informed about when the patch drops. If you’ve been playing Marauders, be aware that this update will involve a wipe.

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