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March of War released free through Steam Early Access


March of War has all the pre-fixes: turn-based, episodic, free-to-play but behind all that it looks pretty neat. It’s a World War 2 strategy game, so in aesthetic it’s much akin to many of the game’s in strategy genre we’ve already played.

It differs in its delivery system: each month the game is expanded with new content, none of it locked off from non-paying players, and you earn it either through play or by buying experience gems which rush you closer to the new units and upgrades.

There are six factions to play with and 80 units spread across them. Developer ISOTX also claims there are more than 60 maps to battle across and four game modes to take part in.

Also, much as with Frozen Synapse and the upcoming Space Hulk, being turn-based the action can be played across the PC and mobile devices. You know, if you wanted to betray your computer like that.

Being part of Steam Early Access, this release of March of War counts as the game’s beta so do expect bugs and crashes.

You can play the game now if you wish.

Thanks, PC Gamer.