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Marvel Heroes 2016 Initiative kicks off with massive wave of updates

Marvel Heroes 2016 intiative

Marvel Heroes is getting its big 2016 update today, and it’s a doozy. The F2P comic action RPG is getting everything from new heroes, to a new plotline, redesigns of old characters and prettier graphics. They’re even popping in controller support for those who prefer to sit back, relax and destroy the enemies of freedom that way.

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There’s even a trailer, with lots of Skrull-smashing and Cat-dropping:

Here’s the full list of what’s available right now:

  • Secret Invasion Story Chapter: 2008’s popular Skrull-centric comic event brought to the game.
  • Controller Support: Support for everything from the 360 to the Steam Owl Head and back again.
  • Visual Updates: Characters that have been in the game since its inception are getting new models, which will continue throughout the year.
  • Leaderboards: The best players get to show off, soon to be expanded into tournament modes.
  • Revamped Deadpool: Big changes to one of the game’s original characters with a whole new moveset.
  • Playable Black Cat: The game’s 55th hero.
  • Agent Venom Team-Up: Venom’s arrived and is a goodie now, because comic books.
  • Mac Out of Beta: The Mac version of the game is now fully-fledged.

Jeff Lind, studio director at developers Gazillion, had this to say about Marvel Heroes in 2016:

“What we’re launching today is just the beginning of what will be the biggest year yet for the game. Our awesome community expects regular updates, and they’ll continue to get those – but it’s the big content drops like today’s first wave of the Marvel Heroes 2016 initiative where the game will really shine. You’ll see these throughout the year, and the best announcements are yet to come.”

It looks like yearly massive updates are to continue for Marvel Heroes, as well as support year-round. Who out there has been playing? Have you seen significant improvement over the last couple of years? What are you hoping they work on next?